Kerrisdale Cameras

conceptual project: branding, identity, collateral, web design, app design, advertising



In today’s world of busy lives, fast cars, and advanced electronics, the appeal of yesteryear’s lifestyle is falling by the wayside. When Kerrisdale Cameras first opened its’ doors in 1961, if you wanted to take some photographs on a family vacation or capture your favourite spot in the city, there was protocol involved. You had to buy film in order to take the initial photographs, you then had to get the film developed and lastly get some of those photographs printed. Today, we want everything now. Digital cameras have given us that gift but has taken away much of the art behind the craft. So how would you go about reminding photography lovers of where it all started? To capture a bit of the past which allows you to reminisce years into the future?

Appeal directly to the photography fanatics, the approach is to evoke those mid-century photography practices such as black and white shooting, using corrective filters over your lens, developing your film in a red-lit darkroom.

Also wanting to focus on the history of the brand as well as their great knowledge in the industry the new logo and corresponding collateral evoke clean, classic lines mixed a little with today’s modernity. The antique black and red used in the logo correspond to the darkroom with that dim red bulb. The back of the letterhead represents the 80% grey card used to correct colour, with its attached scale from black to white.

The website strategy was to keep clear of looking like those cluttered product-based e-commerce sites which resemble more of a catalogue. Everything is meant to look clean and easy to navigate.

The mobile app is meant to hit directly to an analog-lover’s heart. A light meter was designed to look like an old manual meter with the ease of a digital reading. You can use it on the go with your manual camera. Other features include an array of black and white specific filters which help get you the right look you’re after as well as a direct link to you favourite social media sites, which helps you tie both worlds together. You can also print directly from the app and pick up your new prints in the store of your choosing.

All of the advertisements were meant to bring all the beauty of classic black and white photography to the masses. The target audience was differentiated by using males at either end of the age segment as the models in all photography. The use of manual 35mm and 120mm cameras hammers home the idea of what Kerrisdale Cameras can offer you in the way of new and used equipment as well as vast knowledge.